Dordrecht citytrip, the must see spots in the centre of Dordrecht


The rich past of Dordrecht is still visible when you walk past the old inner city harbors, monuments and museums of Dordrecht. Not to be missed are the Grote Kerk, the widely praised paintings collection of the Dordrechts Museum, the beautiful interiors of the old mayor’s house ‘Huis van Gijn’ and the thirteenth-century Augustinian monastery ‘Het Hof’. Another recommendation is the magnificent view of the crossing of rivers from the Groothoofd.

Big Church of Dordrecht

The medieval Grote Kerk of Dordrecht is a building with a rich past, whose origins lie in the 11th century. Not only the imposing architecture of the exterior of the church, but also the monuments, chapels and choir stalls in the building make the building the most important monument in Dordrecht.

The Town Hall 

The Town Hall of Dordrecht used to be a market hall. It was built in 1383 for Flemish merchants who traded cloths.In 1544, the city’s directors took up residence in the building and became the City Hall. The square in front of the town hall was laid out in 1679.The building lost its medieval façade during a major renovation in the 19th century. Then the Town Hall got its current facade and stairs with lions.


Opening hours:

You can visit the City Hall every first Sunday of the month from 12:00 to 17:00. 

The visiting address is Stadhuisplein 1.


This originally built city gate is located at the point where the three rivers, the Oude Maas, the Merwede and the North come together.The striking city gate has its origins in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and during the renovation of 1618 it had its renaissance appearance. Above the passage you can see the Maeght of Dordrecht, seated in a garden. The fence symbolizes her unmarried state and the impregnability of the city of Dordrecht. The arms of various Dutch cities are depicted around her. 

Citytour Dordrecht in 1 minute 

The Court

The Court of the Netherlands is a historical museum in the center of Dordrecht. The museum is located in the complex where the First Free States Meeting took place in 1572. The Court was originally an Augustinian monastery. It was founded in 1275. The monastery was a gift from Floris V (1254-1296), the count of Holland and Zeeland. An important event that formed the basis of the independent Republic of the Netherlands, the forerunner of our Netherlands today.


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